The Greatest BBW App:Bustr

What is Bustr?

Bustr is a BBW dating app for big beautiful women and their admires from all over the world. It is the best BBW Dating app to find big beautiful women and curvy women for dating and hookups. If you are serious in looking for a long term relationship with plus size women or big guys, BBW dating app is your best choice. As one of BBW hookup dating app, Bustr is not only a social dating app, but also a shared platform for big beautiful women and plus sized singles to make new friends and meet a life partner. With the help of Bustr, you will say goodbye to single life in a shor time and start a new life with your perfect life partner.

What are the features?
This BBW dating app is consist of 6 parts.
QuickMatch. You can easily choose the one you like or dislike by swiping the screen, swipe right to like and swipe left to pass on people that are intorduced to you, when someone you liked likes you too, you have a match.
Message. Through this part, you can connect with someone you like or someone who likes you without any restrictions.
Connections. This part shows who like you and who you like. It quite a record of your dating partner.
Moments. This is a platform to share your life and wonderful moments with others, you can upload your photos and write some words here. It's a great way to know each other better.
History. This is your browsing history, you can easily find out the missing information here.
Setting. This is the management center of your account. You can manage and change your account and information here.

What's the membership price?
Prices are in U.S. dollars, may vary in counties other than U.S. and subject to change without notice.
1 month membership for $29.99
3 months membership for $25/month
6 months membership for $21.67/month

How popular is it?
As a newly designed BBW dating app, Bustr has became the most popular dating app within a few years. The number of users is increasing with remarkble speed. Due to its special features, Bustr is the No.1 BBW dating app now. Through our hard working, Bustr will be better than ever before. Why don't you join this big family and start a new life with someone you like?

Is it worth it?
As users said, Bustr is a trustworthy BBW dating app. It provides big beautiful women and plus sized singles with more chances to meet the right one. Don't always think you are fat and unattractive, what you need do is to be yourself and find the right way of dating, BBW dating app is the right way.
If you are a big beautiful woman or a plus sized man who wants to find a perfect life partner, Bustr can be a great choice for you. It's a gathering of plus sized singles from all over the world, and you are sure to find the one you want.

My great experience on 3rder makes me forget 3Somer forever

I was a member on 3Somer but from the time when it was removed out of the market, I found it’s time for me to have some change. Frankly speaking, even though I have been on 3Somer for a long time, it didn’t work well for me and I even haven’t made a successful threesome dating with some of the other members. Therefore, I think I have the right to say 3Somer is not a good app in BBW threesome dating field, and 3Fun, Feeld dating is much better than it.

However, 3rder is the best tinder for threesome of this kind, even though it is a new app which just released its first version in December last year. Unlike 3Fun and Feeld dating, 3rder is an exclusive threesome hookup dating app for open-minded couples and single to arrange their own swinger life styles. You can barely find any people looking for fetish partners, big beautiful women, sugar daddy or other kinds of dating on 3rder.

For what I can tell you about my experience on 3Somer and 3rder, I will recommend 3rder app to all my friends instead of inviting them to try 3Somer. In view of what I suffered on 3Somer, I don’t think that terrible dating app is going to have no chance to on the market again. As a result, I heard that more and more members of 3Somer are joining 3rder to have a new beginning in threesome dating journey. And today I have something useful tips that may do them a favor when they are trying to get matches on this tinder for threesomes app.

If you are serious about a threesome relationship and you really want to find your partner, you need to complete your personal profile as detailed as possible. Since other members know nothing about you, a detailed profile can help them get more information before they decide to contact you. It is also essential for you to upload a real photo in your profile as your display picture for others to browse. On the other hand, unrelated photos are going to be deleted by support team members once they find it. Moreover, when you are playing the quickmatch to swipe right and swipe left for potential matches, you’d better finish your free rounds each day. Even as a free member, you are supposed to get over 60 matches on 3rder and this restriction will be canceled gradually in the next few months. By then you will be able to play as many rounds of quickmatch as you wish without any limitation.

I would rather spend time and money on 3rder than waste time and money on 3Somer. In a world, 3rder is much better than 3Somer and this is the main reason why I will never recommend 3Somer to my friends. Wish members of 3rder will get what they want with such a perfect threesome dating platform.

Ways of dating for black and curvy women

Beauty is a permanent topic for women, especially for women who want to be pretty. Imagine you will have a date tomorrow, what will you do to make yourself look pretty and attractive? For someone beautiful and confident, it can be easy and enjoyable, but for someone less attractive, it's may difficult to deal with. Some girls may think that they are too ugly to be in love with guys, this is a wrong idea. No matter beautiful or ugly, fat or slim, everyone can find their true love. Even if you are a black and curvy woman, you still need to be confident enough, because you are as beautiful as anyone else.

It's not hard to find a fat and black girl hookup dating with an attractive guy or have a happy life together, you may admire the girl very much and want to know why. Actually, they know the secret and way of dating. Researches show that dating is one of the common problem of black women, and here are some advice on how to dating a guy for black and curvy women.

First, you need to register at an online dating site or BBW dating site. Big men or admires of big girls will connect with you if you are attractive for them. If you are a big and black woman, you'd better choose a BBW dating site to create an account, you can find someone and have a date more easily. There are many dating sites for you like, it's an online dating site for black and big women. So, online dating apps an really provide you with more chances to meet the right one.

If you meet a guy, who is interested in you and ask you for a date, you should be polite and gentle, don't show your worry and anxiety and don't talk anything about the idea of racism. Otherwise, he may have a bad impression on you. For most of men, girls who can love themselves are most attractive. So, before you can truly love one another, you must first learn to love yourself. On the other hand, confidence is very important. Confident women are charming and attractive in most people's eyes, men prefer to choose a confident and positive girl as their life partner. So, instead of unhappy with your weight and color, just be happy and confident, you should believe that everyone can find the right one.

Have you ever thought about the reasons of why most of men don't choose big and black women, researches show that big and black women are

Why do so many guys like dating cougars?

When it comes to cougars, people ofen draw a picture in their mind that an attractive young man goes out with a much older woman in the purpose of having her to buy him stuff or some gold-digging guy with a woman that just looking for sex. This is just a small part of group. We are not talking about that negative connotation of cougar dating while that does exist. What we are talking about is the more general sense of the term of cougar dating.

Back in school, it is commonly shared that most 17-20 years old boys have a same dream of hooking up with their friends' hot mom. That dream may did not come true back then, but maybe in a few years later from then, it will become more possible. These days, lots of younger men go out with older women, leaving younger women less choices. Many would ask, why are so many good-looking guys attracted to older women? What is so special in cougars? Some younger women think that cougars are just old, wrinkled and outdated women. But they do not know is that they have so much good quality that young women do not possess.

Just as Devon said in his DatingWithDevon program on Youtube, there are three reasons why so many young guys choose cougars over girls in their own age.

First, cougars are much more mature than younger women. Therefore, they play less games compared to younger ones. Usually for women over 40, they have at least one mature relationship. They'll know more clearly what they want and what they do not want. They have kids or ex-husband. They'll have less time to play the chasing games. For example, if you are dating a girl of your age, they'll expect you to text them million times or they'll wait three days before calling you to keep you interested. The game girls enjoy playing are played a lot less the older you get. Cougars are very direct and straight-to-the-point. They have their own life going besides you and just prefer to be more effective, which is a huge turn-on.

Second, the reason why guys choose cougars for hookup dating is that they are more established. "They bring stuff to the table financially and they are not dependent on the young guy they are dating", as Devon put it. It's not to say that the younger guys want cougars to buy them stuff, but it's to say that cougars have the capability to satisfy their own material desire, which is a very attractive quality. Of course, everything has its' exceptions. We are just discussing the more

What kind of woman that man should avoid on a BBW dating site

For a man, finding a woman that they are really interested in is of great importance, because he is going to live the rest of his life with that woman. So, as a man, you have to find a genuine partner i think. Although different people have different tastes of women. Some of them like skinny women and some like chubby women. Both two kinds of these women on the hookup apps have good and bad people. Here, i would like to list some types of BBW women that you should avoid and then you will find the right woman as soon as possible.

The first type is those aggressive plus size women. Women who have their own ideas and thoughts, and full of confidence are very good in a way. But if they always behave aggressively and their confidences cover their aggressions, you should pay attention to them. Because those women may make you feel that they are superior to you and you have to always follow them. So, you should avoid them. The second type women are those who focus more on your money rather than you. I know that when you have dates with women, you guys go outside for meals or have all kinds of holidays are normal things. 

But the most important thing is that you have to observe whether those women are enjoying the time with you or they just interested in your money. And what's more, if they often talk something about money or even ask you for money, you should avoid them as well. The last type women are those you maybe fall in love with them easily and they will make you feel that you have already found your own right woman. But as a matter of fact, those women may do not love you sincerely and sometimes you cannot find their real intentions. So, you should be careful of this kind of women.

All in all, BBW dating sites are good platforms. From there, you have chances to meet all kinds of women from all over the world and will have more opportunities to find the right woman. But you have to be very careful and avoid those three kinds of women that i have mentioned, then things will be better.

Advantages of dating with a chubby man

It's easy to find someone with beautiful appearance, but hard to find someone with humor. As we know, chubby men are always fun and interesting, why don't you try to hookup date with a chubby man. Beautiful appearance would become old finally, but humorous soul can make you happy all life long. I prefer to people with humorous soul, they are more attractive than others.

Soft body is a symbol of comfortable and happy. Plus size men really know how to enjoy life and make you happy. Researches show that married people gain weight probably because their married life is happier than others. so, why don't you find a chubby man as your life partner and have a happy life together.

Never care about your weight gain. BBW will never care about your weight. If you are the one with healthy life style, you can have a diet and exercise with him. It is good for both of you.

As comfortable as a sofa. Their soft body is like a pillow and a quilt. It's quilt comfortable and wram to lean on his body when you are tired. You may cannot wait to give him a warm hug.

Your perfect lovers. Chubby men are more sexy and attractive than slim men. They are healthy and strong , and can really meet your need well.

Never judge your eating habits and your food. Chubby men will never Interfere in your life and eating style, you can live as you like and eat what you like. Instead of changing your eating habits, they are more likely to join you and enjoy the food with you.

Good at cooking. Chubby men are always the gastronome and good at cooking, and that is a special skill slim men don't have. No one can resist the temptation of food. So, find a chubby man and enjoy the delicious food with him, and it may become the common hobby in the relationship.

Be pacient with your complains. It's not easy for chubby men and women to buy the right clothes. Plus sized clothes are always out of style or uncomfortable. You may get unhappy and even angry when you cannot find a piece of clothing. If you have a chubby boyfriend, he can really understand your feeling and never laught at you, because he has the same trouble with you.

Never mind your weight. Chubby men pay more attention to your habbies, personality and your inner part not your weight. They are sincere and honest, and they can show you everything about them. Chubby men are really reliable.

Based on the above, BBW dating a chubby man is really a good choice, but firstly, you should clear what do you want. Then, accept youself and your partner. I really admire chubby men and women, who never stop finding the ture love. Your ture love is just around the corner, but it will never come if you don't try your best to grasp. Everyone has a unique charm, chubby men and women can also find the right one and have a happy life one day.

Misgendering trans people contributes to physical harm

Life for transgender people is not easy, and even harder than what we thought. Whether it's a tranny date or life, it's tough for them. Lots of factors contribute to the extraordinarily high rate of suicide among transgender people, and misgendering is definitely one of them.

According to the 2014 National Transgender Discrimination Survey, 4.6% of the US population reported that they have attempted suicide at some points in their life, while that number was about 41% for transgender people. However, studies show that having a supportive family, like people who don't misgender can greatly reduce that rate. The 2015 US Transgender Study found that the rate of suicide attempts for BBW trans people with less supportive family was 54%, while it was 37% for those with supportive families. Misgendering contributes to a culture where violence against trans people is terrifyingly prevalent. A 2013 study by National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs found that trans hookup people, and particularly trans women of color, were murdered at much higher rates than other LGBT people. Misgendering may not cause someone to go out and murder a trans person, but it does contribute to a culture in which hating disrespecting trans people is the norm, which does allow some people to justify violence against trans people. However you look at it, misgendering trans people cause real harm, and that applies to all trans people, not just ones you like, because there are some not so great trans people in this world, just as there are some not so great cis people, but everybody deserves to be gendered according to how they identify. If you misgender someone just because you disagree with them, you are basically telling all trans people around you that their humanity is conditional , and that the second you don't agree with them, their identity goes back to being invalid.

There are so many ways you can insult someone without disrespect all transgender and crossdresser. I know that sometimes you'll misgender someone unintentionally, maybe you didn't know their pronouns or you just made a mistake. Just correct yourself, move on, and try not do it again. You don't need to apologize profusely and make a huge deal out of it, that's probably drawing more unwanted attention to the situation anyway. But once you know someone's gender, if you continue to misgender them, that's when you get into violent territory. It can be tricky to switch over to new pronouns or a new name for someone, but if you respect them or trans people at all, you need to do it. All of this includes non-binary people. If someone ask you to use they/them pronouns, just do it. You should know that misgemdering a non-binary person is just as harmful as misgendering a binary trans person, non-binary identities are valid as well. So, intentionally misgendering trans people contributes to physical harm.

Trans people are the same as all of us, we need to accept them and respect them, so the first step is to respect who they are, respect their gender. Intentionally misgendering is an act of violence.