My great experience on 3rder makes me forget 3Somer forever

I was a member on 3Somer but from the time when it was removed out of the market, I found it’s time for me to have some change. Frankly speaking, even though I have been on 3Somer for a long time, it didn’t work well for me and I even haven’t made a successful threesome dating with some of the other members. Therefore, I think I have the right to say 3Somer is not a good app in BBW threesome dating field, and 3Fun, Feeld dating is much better than it.

However, 3rder is the best tinder for threesome of this kind, even though it is a new app which just released its first version in December last year. Unlike 3Fun and Feeld dating, 3rder is an exclusive threesome hookup dating app for open-minded couples and single to arrange their own swinger life styles. You can barely find any people looking for fetish partners, big beautiful women, sugar daddy or other kinds of dating on 3rder.

For what I can tell you about my experience on 3Somer and 3rder, I will recommend 3rder app to all my friends instead of inviting them to try 3Somer. In view of what I suffered on 3Somer, I don’t think that terrible dating app is going to have no chance to on the market again. As a result, I heard that more and more members of 3Somer are joining 3rder to have a new beginning in threesome dating journey. And today I have something useful tips that may do them a favor when they are trying to get matches on this tinder for threesomes app.

If you are serious about a threesome relationship and you really want to find your partner, you need to complete your personal profile as detailed as possible. Since other members know nothing about you, a detailed profile can help them get more information before they decide to contact you. It is also essential for you to upload a real photo in your profile as your display picture for others to browse. On the other hand, unrelated photos are going to be deleted by support team members once they find it. Moreover, when you are playing the quickmatch to swipe right and swipe left for potential matches, you’d better finish your free rounds each day. Even as a free member, you are supposed to get over 60 matches on 3rder and this restriction will be canceled gradually in the next few months. By then you will be able to play as many rounds of quickmatch as you wish without any limitation.

I would rather spend time and money on 3rder than waste time and money on 3Somer. In a world, 3rder is much better than 3Somer and this is the main reason why I will never recommend 3Somer to my friends. Wish members of 3rder will get what they want with such a perfect threesome dating platform.