The Top One Cougar Dating App: CougarD

As one of the most welcomed cougar dating app in the world, CougarD has witnessed hundreds and thousands of cougars and cubs falling in love with each other. It is a perfect annotation of the saying "There is no limit in love". With the increasing popularity of cougar dating, CougarD plays a significant and steady role and acts as the bridge between cougars and cubs, by providing a platform for the two parties and for them to connect and meet each other.

CougarD absorbed the advantages of others and made some improvement. Here are some tips in order to help you start your journey.

"QuickMatch" is the heart of CougarD hookup app where you can find your apple in the eye. By swiping right or left, you can choose the person you like or pass to continue. For the new comers, it is suggested that you'd better swipe right more often. In this way, you can get you some exposure and more opportunities. If it doesn't work out, you can also make new friends.

"Message" is the brain for you to keep memories. You can check the messages you get from others and you send out. The more messages you get, the greater chances you have to find the right one.

"Moments" is designed for you to show the best of you and get some exposure. Upload the sexiest pictures or vidhaoeos. There's huge possibility that you may find your love in the comment area. On the other hand, you can also go to "Moments" to hunt. It's the place where you can observe the personalities of the strangers.

In CougarD, you can also send "Rose" to the person you like. Where to check if there's anyone who "Rosed" you? "Connection" is where you should go. You can check who send you "Rose", who viewed you and even set you as his/her favorite, as well as the records of the person you set as your favorite.

In case you don't remember the handsome or the pretty you liked. "History" can remind you of them. Want to check if the person you liked also likes you or not, "History" is able to provide you that info. Under "Matched", you can find your destiny. You will be free to chat with each other as soon as you are matched.

If there is any complaint, it is very welcomed to offer suggestions.