Why do so many guys like dating cougars?

When it comes to cougars, people ofen draw a picture in their mind that an attractive young man goes out with a much older woman in the purpose of having her to buy him stuff or some gold-digging guy with a woman that just looking for sex. This is just a small part of group. We are not talking about that negative connotation of cougar dating while that does exist. What we are talking about is the more general sense of the term of cougar dating.

Back in school, it is commonly shared that most 17-20 years old boys have a same dream of hooking up with their friends' hot mom. That dream may did not come true back then, but maybe in a few years later from then, it will become more possible. These days, lots of younger men go out with older women, leaving younger women less choices. Many would ask, why are so many good-looking guys attracted to older women? What is so special in cougars? Some younger women think that cougars are just old, wrinkled and outdated women. But they do not know is that they have so much good quality that young women do not possess.

Just as Devon said in his DatingWithDevon program on Youtube, there are three reasons why so many young guys choose cougars over girls in their own age.

First, cougars are much more mature than younger women. Therefore, they play less games compared to younger ones. Usually for women over 40, they have at least one mature relationship. They'll know more clearly what they want and what they do not want. They have kids or ex-husband. They'll have less time to play the chasing games. For example, if you are dating a girl of your age, they'll expect you to text them million times or they'll wait three days before calling you to keep you interested. The game girls enjoy playing are played a lot less the older you get. Cougars are very direct and straight-to-the-point. They have their own life going besides you and just prefer to be more effective, which is a huge turn-on.

Second, the reason why guys choose cougars for hookup dating is that they are more established. "They bring stuff to the table financially and they are not dependent on the young guy they are dating", as Devon put it. It's not to say that the younger guys want cougars to buy them stuff, but it's to say that cougars have the capability to satisfy their own material desire, which is a very attractive quality. Of course, everything has its' exceptions. We are just discussing the more