3 ways to surprise yourself on a first BBW date

In an age of pick-up artists and happy curvy dates, the thrill of surprise is less than usual. There's so much to choose from - some daters do the bare minimum at their parties, knowing that another less demanding person will be clicking on their profile the next time.

But wouldn't it be better to go wild and not be tied down by your love life? Don't settle for the status quo, listen to our advice on the first curvy dating, surprise the other person, make his or her chest tremble for the upcoming chubby hookup date…

1.Take pictures

Maybe at least in the middle of the BBW dating, you can try this so that you can see each other as rational, rational people. Then, when you get along well, I suggest you play an updated version of "people-watching"… This time, though, the game contains smartphones and plenty of sneaking.

It's like two urban ninjas, circling the crowd, taking turns photographing people you find interesting, crazy, or have a story to share. The first one of you to come out is the loser. This is a good test of your willingness to let the other party's bookings slip through the company; Plus, it's (kind of) exercise, which is always a great fat date perk!

2.Claim false restaurant reservations

With some fine-tuned charm, you can pretend you've gone to the worst BBW dating venue in history and then announce your real choice in the not-too-distant future.

Tell your curvy date that you're already at "this fancy restaurant, somewhere in town, and you're going to love it!" As it happens, it could be a small restaurant or a chain of bars. When you walk through the door, ignore your date's concerned expression - when you sit down, pretend to appreciate the menu, pretend you've dropped something.

3.Prepare a list of hypothetical questions

Obviously, let your brain go wherever it wants to go, at that moment, for this kind of conversation. As a matter of fact, apart from chubby dating itself, it's one of the best ways to text someone online. Suppose your partner can reveal their personality by answering questions they have never thought of.

Try to find a good balance between mediocrity and weirdness. For instance, you can ask her "would you rather go to a party with Hemingway or watch a basketball game with James Smith?" Or you can ask, "When was the last time you ate cheese?" Question after question, you'll laugh, you'll connect, you'll find out what you're doing. If she thinks you're crazy, so much the better. Eventually, the real question can be asked: "when do you want to do it again?"