What makes BBWs more beautiful and attractive, some secrets of it

I know in our normal minds, BBW means big beautiful woman. But do they think they are beautiful and attractive enough for others, especially for those BBW admirers. Maybe not, right? Although, in our modern society, most people prefer beautiful women or handsome and strong men. It is not only mean that as a BBW, you must be good-looking and have a very nice appearance, then you will be more popular. Because everyone has his own standard of beauty. And as a matter of fact, there are some secrets that can make those BBWs more beautiful and attractive. So, please follow me and let's have a look.

To begin with, pay attention to the clothes can help BBWs become more beautiful. For example, there are some BBWs who have very big breasts, but you know not all the men like that type of BBW hookup. So, sometimes those BBWs need to wear a kind of special underwear, which can make their breasts look smaller than before. And at the same time, their shapes look much better as well. While, on the other hand, if you have a dating relationship with a man, you should know whether he likes the real you or not. And then you can be the most attractive BBW for different men. The second secret is makeup. We all know that makeup is very essential in our daily life nowadays. If a BBW give a person a kind of first impression, just like"oh, her face looks so smoth and her skin just like baby's", even though it's not real, at that time, at least the first impression that you leave to others is good. I know sometimes we emphasize the natural beauty, but in some special occasions, makeup is still a kind of respect for others i think. That's the secret for BBWs to become more attractive as well. Thirdly, BBWs' behavior is also very important. Because after seeing some of your physical aspects, those men want to know more about your inner qualities. While, your behavior is a kind of obvious reflection of it actually. So, we can say good behavior is still a secret for BBWs.

All in all, these points that i have mentioned are some decorations of BBWs themselves, but those are not lies. BBWs are beautiful women, that's a truth, these secrets just help them become more excellent and attractive, there is nothing wrong about it i think. And if you agree with me, hope these points will do you a favor someday.