What if you are not interested in threesome but your partner wants a threesome?

For a successful threesome, all the three members are quite interested in threesome. It is quite mandatory that your partner is also interested in threesome because your partner really want to have a threesome and not because you are making her emotional. What if your partner is interested in threesome and you don’t want to be in a BBW threesome. If you are into a situation where you have to say no for threesome to your partner than what you will do? How to turn down the offer from your hookup dating partner to have a threesome or you are thinking about to break up from your partner. What you will do and how you will say no to your partner. Here are few things that you can do while saying no to your threesome dating partner.

There’s no need to broke the relationship with your partner if you really want to stay with your partner. If you are going to break up the relationship with your partner only because your dating partner is interested in threesome with you and you are not at all interested in threesome because you are not comfortable in threesome or it’s not your cup of tea. There are many other ways that you can explain your partner that you are not comfortable in threesome and that why you are not interested to have a threesome with your partner. Here are few reasons that you can tell her while saying no or having a proposal for threesome from your partner.

Make sure that you already tell your boundaries to your couples dating partner. It is important to tell your dating partner about your ground limits or the boundaries about going intimate together. Once you declare your ground limits to your partner and if your partner really respects your emotions and care about your decisions than he/she won’t call you for threesome again and it’s quite best for both of you and your relationship.

If still your partner is forcing you to have a threesome because he/she really want this along with you to fulfill his/her sexual fantasy, than there’s no need to stay with him/her anymore. Person that don’t give respect your decisions and your comfort zone, will never be with you for life time. There’s no harm in breaking up with her/him.

If you already make a mind to break up with your female friend in coming time. If/ female friend of yours wants a threesome along with you and you don’t know how to react. This is basically depending on you completely. If you already make up your mind that you are going to break up with her in coming days, than you can say yes for threesome. But if your girl friend call her new male friend for threesome than there isn’t any point to say yes for threesome. It’s better turn down her offer and move ahead.

These are the basic points that will help you turn down the proposal for threesome.