Ways to find a girlfriend/hookup partner

Introduce by relatives and friends. This is a great way to find someone for dating relationship or marriage, while might not be so good for hookup dating or one night stand. Many colleagues around us are introduced by friends. For example, a few friends go out for a party. They will bring their close friends with them. That's how they meet new people and thus possibly develop a romantic relationship. The reason I say that this is the good way to meet significant other, while not so good for date or one night stand is that your friends know each other very well. They can vouch for the personal character of their friends. So it's a good candidate for dating. However, if you hookup, it might be a little awkward for both parties since you have common friends. Finding girlfriend in this way requires the lowest investment in both time and energy.

Through group chat. Generally, group chats with a higher proportion of girls are selected preferably, such as the front desk administrative group, financial accounting group, etc. After joining the group, you can optionally get the girl's contact information. If she agrees, you can initiate chat. At this time, you need to grasp the rhythm and don't be too hasty. The topic can be started with each other's profession. First, gradually get to know each step by step, and if you think it is possible, you can further develop your relationship. Finding a girlfriend in this way requires a certain amount of energy to understand each other, but the quality of girls is reliable.

Participate in blind date activities. This type of activity has a strong purpose, and they are all rushing to find their target, but the requirements for men are very high, that is, men must have a good material foundation. If there are no material conditions, it is very difficult to find a girlfriend in it. This is very realistic.

Participate in some interest organizations. You can join some common hobby groups such as mountaineering and badminton, which organizes people with the same interests together to form a big family and hold regular activities or gatherings. With such organization or clubs, you can easily get to know some girls who have common interests. If the other person sees you pleasingly, then you might be having a girlfriend very soon.

Use some chat and dating or hook up apps with a relatively large flow of people. Chat and hookup apps such as tinder are different from Instagram or Facebook. This type of hookup apps has a feature that can bring together two people that are living close to each other, but you might never meet before. You can meet a lot of new people in this way, but the downside is that there are huge amount of people there who are only looking for one night stand or casual hookups, which is good for the hookup hunters, while not so good for the other.