How to Have Better Preformance in the First Date

My cousin had just graduated from his high school and one day, he told me he would have a date with a girl. He knew this girl in a curvy dating app. In this tinder hookup app, users make new friends through sharing different jokes. And he asked me how to have better performance in the first BBW date.

I should say, I don’t have many boyfriend before so I may not help him. So, I came to my best female friend’s home and ask her. I knew she was good at it and she gave my cousin three tips through her real experience.

The first tip is to wait the girl in advance. This is very important for males. If you are going to meet a girls known in some hookup apps, tt's better for you to meet this girl at the subway entrance in advance. This is the time to show your gentlemanly demeanor. After all, the importance of first impression is self-evident.

You'd better be prepared to exchange contact information and photos before meeting. At this time, don't forget to ask her what she likes to eat and drink unintentionally. My friend told me when she found hsr dating partner was waiting for her in front of the subway, she thought this man cared about her. As a female, I can feel the same as her. Therefore, males should remember this one.

The second tip is about appearance. In fact, it is very simple, that is, don't look too sloppy. My friends told us that generally speaking, if the weather is good, boys can wear a white T. If it is cold, you can wear a dark coat. Of course, you must shave your beard. After all, if you have a lot of beard, it will make people think you are very untidy and don't care about personal clearness.

Of course, she also suggested that if boys were concerned about their appearance, they could trim their eyebrows to look more energetic. Under some good conditions, if this boy often pays attention to fashion, he can refer to the above wear. But in fact, she didn't recommend boys to have perfume. Because in general, boys always have spray cologne perfume. She told me she once had a date with her online dating partner but she refused to go to movie ad that guy had a very strong spray cologne perfume. She could smell all the time in this dating and she was going to syncope because of this bad perfume.

She totally understood this guy wanted to leave a good impression on her but in fact, the smelling is almost the same for this perfume, and sometimes, the taste will be a little strong which may be counterproductive. Some shampoo will do, also. All in all, boys should look clean at least.

After my cousin listened to my friend’s advice, he started his adventure for the first date. When he came back, he told me this date was not good. And now, he is still contacting with this girl. Hope the two tips will also help you.