Having one night stand with my neighbor

My neighbor Lily and I knew each other for years. I can’t remember the exact number. It must have been over ten years since she moved into this neighborhood. She is 48 years old now and I am only 23. The huge age different did cause some trouble after we had one night hookup top dating app. She was divorced last year and her son, Danial, went to college, which makes her alone all the time. Her son Danial and I are close friends with each other. I am 4 years older than him. He always treats me like his old brother and I took care of him since we were little.

Lily is a very attractive and sophisticated lady. She owned her own company for cloth business. Everyday I would witness her driving his little car to the company and in the night she would come home. She would usually order pizza for dinner, because the delivery man is always the same. He would leave the pizza in front of her door and then ring the bell and leave. She would sometimes wait for several minutes to take it in. She is always busy working.

Last night, Lily came to my house and asked me for a little help. She said there was a raccoon came in his house and wouldn’t leave. She was afraid of that thing and don’t know what to do. I came with her to her house and found the raccoon was in her kitchen eating peanuts. The minute she saw the raccoon, she hided behind my back. It surprised me when seeing a such a mature and independent woman acting so cute and girl-like. I had a nice feeling about her at that moment. I tried to chase the raccoon outside, but it just wouldn’t get out. During that whole time, she grabbed my clothes like she was hugging me from my back. She didn’t realize the intimacy between us, but I did. My heart beat heavily the whole time. After a few minutes, the raccoon was out and then she relaxed and realized her behavior.

It was a little awkward at first. I was about to leave to break the awkwardness till she proposed to offer me a drink after all my hard work for her. I agreed. I wanted to stay for a little bit longer. We talked about her son and her relationships. She said she was too busy for relationships and she just wanted to focus on her career. We really hit it off when we began to talk. We didn’t even realize the time. I had several glasses of wine and felt a little dizzy, so I was about to leave. When we hugged goodbye, she kissed me on the lips. Maybe she meant my chicks, but I turned my head. I was suddenly turned on by the kiss and kissed her back. Just like that, we ended up having one night hookup in her bed. It was an amazing night.

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